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R-BAK Cushion

R-BAK Cushion
Improve the printing quality
R-BAK can bring in the high printing plate surface consistency under the large decrease pressure on the printing plate and can reduce the expansion of stipple,the printing effect can be more clear,reduce color trapping convenient location,improve the printing speed and quality

Avoid corrugated board damage
Installing R-BAK can take in and reduce the corrugated board pressure,thus can effectively avoid the corrugated board structure damage and it has high tolerance level to use the board

Improve the printing speed and productivity
The edition weights more light and the processing time can be shorter

Improve the printing speed and productivity
R-BAK can accept adequate levels of printing speed,and can improve the production efficiency

Extend forme life
R-BAK can continue decrease impact and reduce forme attrition with less than 2% of compression and deformation rate,so it can extend forme life

Reduce the wastage cost and improvr efficiency
For the R-BAK characteristics of continuous absorption the impact,the R-BAK can reduce the mechanical forme attrition,the wastage of the element and waste