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Anilox Roll Cleaner

Anilox Roll Cleaner
Recyl 2000 Cleaner
Ranges of application:Ceramic anilox roll,Metal anilox roll and squeegee roll deep cleaning.It is also suitable for online cleaning and off-line and vamish. What’s more ,it can also be biodegradable

Packaging: Plastic bottles.800 grams per bottle
Instructions for use:
Put on protective gloves,spread a layer of cleaner one the anilox roll surface.Whether to use the stretch film bag according to the anilox pollution level.After placing 1 to 48 hours ,use the water or alcohol to wipe the cleaner one the surface of the anilox roll( Don’t use acidic liquid).Finally you could use the high-pressure water rinse the anilox roll.if the mesh is severely clogged,repeat the above process.
This product may irritate skin and eyes,if it gets contact with skin and eyes,please rinse with water immediately and consult a physician.And please have emergency medical treament immediately if you drink it.