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Doctor Blade Chamber System for Inking Perfection

 Doctor Blade Chamber System for Inking Perfection

①The doctor Blade chamber and holder are made by aluminum extrusion mould, and it's light in weight, with good appearance & high precision, nickel plated of holder for corrosion resistant.

②The doctor blade contact pressure is controlled by air-bag, convenient adjustment, which help to reduce the adrasion rate of ceramic roller.

③The air inlet have constant voltage and power-off protection valve, to make sure the air-bag under constant internal pressure, ensure the printing result and safety.

④The doctor blade system is equipped with segmented tiny adjustment to suit for different detail printing on one sheet.

⑤Opening way for scraping, only the lower blade is workable, the ink entry in the middle of the chamber and out automatically from both sides, no internal pressure, ink flows evenly and equipped with ink returning tank toprevent ink leakage.

⑥Equipped with high pressure cleaning system, speed up the cleaning speed of chamber and ceramic roller, save order changing time and improve the working efficiency.

⑦Using imported components for the whole chamber, integrated with special ssurface teatment, excellent resistance and smoothness.