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Semi-auto Stitching Machine

Semi-auto Stitching Machine

Double  servo  high  speed  semi-auto  stitching  machine  is  a  special equipment   for corrugated   box.   Through   technical  renovation,  the machine has the advantages of high production efficiency,  high speed, low  labor  intensity,   simple  operation,   stable perfomance, low failure rate and so on. 

It is  mainly  used  for  the stitching of single corrugated cardboard to meet different production requirements and various carton packaging needs of different products.


1. Adopted servo drive and touch screen for easy operation. Fast order-changing within one minute.

2. Suitable for single binding, double binding and combined binding model optional. Working speed can be up to 450 nails per min.

3. Stitching distance each nails can be set in touch screen. And the max. Distance is 100mm.

4. Rolling speed of Rubber roller can be set in touch screen according to operator’s speed.

5. Patting guide can be adjust automatically in screen for help of fixing first nail point and lock tightly.

6. Feeding gap can be adjust according to carton thickness and can be fast-change for single and double corrugated well.

7. Auto-counter for setting the quantity of finished items. Convenient bundling and packing.

8. Alarm system is on if got stuck and wrong operation.

9. Suitable for carton with lid and carton without lid.(Please note us if wanna deal with carton without lid)

1、Japanese YASKAWA ELECTRIC servo motor.

2、Japanese OMRON PLC programmed.

3Japanese NSK Bearing. TR bearing with set.

4Electric switch & contactor: Taiwan brand.

5Stitching head use Japanese molding design. CNC precision treated.

6Blade and bottom mould used Germany Tungsten steel. And Japanese SKD11 alloy        steel puncher pin that anti-friction and rot.

7All transmission gears are hardened and ground, HRC 58-60°.

8Taiwan pneumatic cylinder adopted.

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