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Anilox Roll Cleaner

Anilox Roll Cleaner

The Recyl Clean Range of products have helped printers and converters with flexography, offset or rotogravure presses maintain quality by keeping Anilox and Chrome rollers squeaky clean by a manual cleaning cycle on a weekly basis.

Recyl 2000 Cleaner - maintenance for most cases

In the market for almost two and a half decades, both products in the Clean Range have long been the "Go To" products for printers wanting to make the most of the ink transfer capacity on their rollers, whether in Ceramic or Chrome.


The Clean Range works on all types of inks and its thixotropic properties ensure an even finish and do not let it dry over the surface, nor inside the cells of the Anilox before rinsing takes place. This is even if the product is left on the Anilox for over 48 hours.

Packaging: Plastic bottles. 800 grams per bottle

Cleaning Time: from 15 min (weekly cleaning) to 48hours (for the most difficult cases)

Rinsing with water: these tyxotropic products will not dry before rinsing.

Any type of inks / UV and acrylic varnishes

The Clean Range is used in all segments of industrial printing, that is - Labels, Flexible Packaging and Corrugated.

A single bottle from either products in the Clean Range (800g) cleans up to 25 m² of cylinder surface.


  • Extremely easy to operate and environment-friendly
  • Cleaning Duration:
    • On press / In situ Cleaning: 10 to 15 minutes
    • Outside of the press:  apply and leave over the weekend
  • For best results, rinse while using a Recyl Brush:

    Avoid prolonged exposure to Aluminium surfaces.

Recommended by many printing press manufacturers worldwide
Instructions for use:
Put on protective gloves, spread a layer of cleaner one the anilox roll surface. Whether to use the stretch film bag according to the anilox pollution level. After placing 1 to 48 hours, use the water or alcohol to wipe the cleaner one the surface of the anilox roll ( Don’t use acidic liquid). Finally you could use the high-pressure water rinse the anilox roll. If the mesh is severely clogged, repeat the above process.
This product may irritate skin and eyes, if it gets contact with skin and eyes, please rinse with water immediately and consult a physician. And please have emergency medical treament immediately if you drink it.