Laser Engraved Ceramic Anilox Roll

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Laser Engraved Ceramic Anilox Roll

Laser Engraved Ceramic Anilox Roll

More Precision

The stable and precise cell structure, line counts and cell depth are controlled by computerized laser engraving system. The ceramic anilox roll has better ink transference than chrome roll.

Long Wear Resistant

Choosing ceramic of good quality as wearing durability and anti-corrosion, it is sprayed in 200μ-300μ on the surface of steel roll which is later laser engraved. The ceramic roll have 20-30 times longer life time than ordinary chrome plated roll.

LPI: 20 ~2000/Inch

Max. Width:4 meter

Following the ISO9002 system.

About Us

We introduced two laser device from British: YAG Laser and CO2 Laser and adopted the most advanced engraving technology: “QED”, Crystal modulator etc. Spraying equipment and raw materials are introduced from Germany with the German technical certification. In the ceramic thermal spraying technology, we get the support of Guangzhou Nonferrous Metals Research Institute who devote themselves to research and development for more than 20 years and provide for the country a large number of high-quality aircraft engine turbine blade surface spray. The technology has won several national progress awards.

We get a number of domestic and foreign carton packaging machinery factory recognition. At present, our company has provided laser ceramic anilox roller for many China printing machine manufacturers such as Dongfang, Hubei Jingshan, Yu Sheng, Shanghai Dinglong, Changsheng, KSL and other domestic enterprises. In addition, our company also provide the repair and configuration of the ceramic anilox roll for many other foreign companies’s machine in China and get the customer's praise such as Martin, BSH, TCY etc.

Daily Care of Ceramic Anilox Roll

If the cells of ceramic anilox rolls become clogged with dirt, dried ink, or coating material, print quality suffers. During normal use, rolls must be cleaned as soon as possible after a press run to remove ink and coating residue. If the ink is allowed to dry, the build-up of deposits in the cells will decrease the roll’s ability to carry the proper amount of ink, resulting in color matching difficulties.

Taking the time to care for, and maintain, the working condition of laser engraved ceramic anilox rolls is crucial to ensuring long life and high quality printing. Following these simple day-to-day maintenance procedures can eliminate most printing problems.

For the daily cleaning of anilox rolls, stainless steel brushes (or copper brush) and chemical cleaner are needed. These brushed will agitate the cleaner on the roll surface and into the anilox cells.